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Law in General

Our Law in General service provides advice on a wide range of legal issues. There is no comprehensive list of what we can and cannot advise on as we very much rely on the available expertise of our supervising and volunteering solicitors. Typically, our cases encompass landlord and tenant matters, contract cases, consumer issues, employment law matters, and court procedure queries.

Case study

Nicole came to the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre because she was having great difficulty dealing with the anti-social behaviour taking place in an alleyway adjoining her flat. Each day she had to contend with rats, flooding, fly tipping, illegal parking, fires, passers by using Class A drugs and other anti-social behaviour.  Unable to find the owner of the alley, and with the council refusing to take responsibility for the problem, Nicole asked the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre for help. We were able to advise Nicole on how to find the owner, as well as explaining that she had a strong case against them for private and public nuisance. With our help, she was able to draft a letter to them explaining the problem, outlining their legal responsibilities and requesting a gate be fitted in order to reduce the problems she was facing. After years of struggling to find a way to change her unacceptable living conditions, Nicole was able to speak finally with the owners, who have now agreed not only to fit a gate but also to pay for it in full.  

“After years of living with the stress of daily anti-social behaviour on my front door, the thought of getting free legal advice from Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre came to mind. The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre was very efficient in finding a slot that was suitable for me; in the meeting, I explained my situation and since then things have improved very rapidly. The detailed professional advice I received from the lawyers was the first clear step in helping me understand that I could legally do something about my unpleasant living situation. I am happy to say that we are currently in the last steps of resolving a problem that has been going on for longer than 10 years and will not only change my life but that of the other local residents.”

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Making an employment tribunal claim

In the following video, Hamza Kayyali talks us the process of making an emplyment tribunal claim.

Street Law Videos

The following video from our students explains two basic terms in a tenancy agreement; exclusive possession and security deposits.

The following video outlines the various types of employment rights and how to identify your employment status so that you know these rights.


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