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LAC staff and Student Advisers 2012
LAC staff and Student Advisers 2012

About us

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre (LAC) provides a free, accessible, client centred advice service to the public. We act as a first-tier advice agency: providing preliminary advice on the strength of the client’s case, the processes that need to be followed, and an explanation of complex legal issues. Clients come to the advice centre from a wide variety of backgrounds and present a wide range of legal issues.

The award-winning Legal Advice Centre was opened by its Patron, Lord Goldsmith, in 2006. Since its opening, the Centre has advised over 1481 clients. In 2014-15 the Centre has 74 undergraduate law students and 36 postgraduate students volunteering as Student Advisers on a range of legal areas including housing, immigration, family, employment, data protection and corporate law. In addition, the Centre has more than 150 solicitors who volunteer as Student Supervisors and 19 undergraduate and postgraduate students who provide administrative support.

Aims of the service

  1. To make free legal advice as accessible as possible.
  2. To enable students to learn from practical experience.

What we do

We advise clients on their legal position and what steps to take next. We do not undertake casework or representation of clients in the courts or at tribunals; we do however act as a referral agency to other free legal advice providers who are able to offer representation. It is necessary to attend a legal advice centre such as ours in order to obtain this referral. Read about our free Legal Advice service and find out how you can book an advice session.

Student Advisers

Legal Advice is delivered by LAC Student Advisers under the supervision of qualified lawyers.


The Legal Advice Centre has more than 100 volunteer lawyers who provide their legal expertise on client matters and supervise our Student Advisers. It is through their dedication that our students are able to harness their legal skills and learn how to apply their legal knowledge in a practical context. Read more about the LAC Partners.

Award Winning

Our success has been recognised by the Attorney General's Pro Bono Awards, LawWorks and The Lawyer. Read more about our awards.

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