Legal Advice Centre


LAC Clients

“Anything free today is rare, excellent legal advice for free is unheard of – but you get this from the LAC at Queen Marys” - Catherine Weiler

“When the chips are down and there is nowhere else to go try the wonderful LAC” - Briae Redgrave-Plumb

“Students can make a real difference and should be able to represent people in need because your service is excellent” - Silvia Aced Rodriguez

“My adviser behaved very professionally and he really investigated my case.  His recommendations helped me actually and psychologically.  I really can recommend the Legal Advice Centre for anyone who needs help.” - Maxim Cheznetskiy

LAC Students

“I can see my personal development through the cases I’ve done at the LAC and I felt immensely supported the whole time.” - Kirila Bezinska

“I feel so lucky that I was able to go into work as soon as I graduated – none of this would have been possible without the LAC. I’m using so many skills that I learned during my three years with you. I’m so proud of the LAC and I’m really grateful that I was able to be a part of it.” - Nadia Ghodrati

“Having the chance to apply the law in a real-life setting was the most enjoyable and valuable aspect of the experience. It was an incredible welcoming environment which I hope to stay a part of in the future.” - Daniel Halford

Partner Organisation – The Revenge Porn Helpline

“We are delighted to have an effective and positive working relationship with the Legal Advice Centre. Since the launch of the RP helpline LAC have offered specialist support for victims of Revenge Pornography through free, accessible, client centred legal consultations. They are a highly valued partner that provides a competent, compassionate service. Feedback from our clients highlights how their expert advice offers reassurance and empowerment so individuals feel confident in where they stand in terms of legislation and their rights.”