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Legal Advice Centre

Family Law

We provide legal advice on a full range of family law issues. These include divorce, child contact disputes, child care proceedings, wills and probate and cohabitation issues. We provide a friendly and professional environment where clients can feel comfortable seeking advice.

Case Study

Mr G came to the advice centre to seek advice on contact with his children. He had been with his ex-partner for 10 years and they had a child together, aged 8. Following the breakdown of the relationship, Mr and G and his ex-partner came to an informal agreement whereby he would see his child for two days each week. Mr G’s ex-partner moved in with her new partner and gradually began to limit Mr G’s contact with his child. She began to make excuses as to why he could not see his child, and planned the child’s extra-curricular activities on days where they should be seeing Mr G. Prior to his appointment at the Legal Advice Centre, Mr G had not seen his child in over two months. We advised Mr G how he could get a Child Arrangements Order in respect of his child and also how to enforce the order should his ex-partner decide to limit the contact again. After his appointment, Mr G provided feedback to say that he now felt confident pursuing action against his ex-partner whereas previously he had been unsure what his rights were.


Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Students Isabella Mazzei, Ilinca-Mihaela Briciu and Hamza Kayyali discuss settling child arrangements during a divorce or separation.


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