Legal Advice Centre

LAC partners

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre has more than 100 volunteer lawyers who provide over 220 hours of direct student supervision, as well as over 1,450 hours of indirect supervision. It is the unstinting support of our supervising solicitors that enables the Centre to achieve everything it does. Not only do they provide their legal knowledge and expertise on client matters, but they also educate our Student Legal Advisers. It is because of their dedication that our students are able to harness their legal skills and learn how to apply their legal knowledge in a practical context.

Bross Bennett

Passionate about family law and pro bono, Bross Bennett work closely with us on our Family Law Programme in order to provide the much needed advice in an area of law that is suffering from the impact of legal aid cuts. The firm offers a great deal of support and training to our students, as well as space of us to create ideas and initiatives that reach far beyond the advice we provide.

“The QMLAC is a fantastically well run project which provides an increasingly needed service to the local community whilst at the same time giving the students advisors both practical experience and an invaluable insight into the law in practice. I am always impressed by how much enthusiasm and dedication the student advisors show and I am very proud to be involved in its work.” Simon Lim, Bross Bennett.

Field Fisher Waterhouse

As one of our founding partners, Field Fisher Waterhouse continues to encourage and support us in a number of ways. Not only do they provide us with on-going and committed support but each year they provide our Student Legal Advisers with subject specific training sessions, as well as in-depth training sessions on how to research legal issues and draft advice letters.

"In addition to providing much needed legal assistance to the local community, the LAC also provides our lawyers the opportunity to widen their legal skills and be in touch with very different clients than the ones they would usually work with in a City law firm” Laura Berton, Field Fisher Waterhouse.

Mishcon de Reya

As our founder partner on the Pink Law ProgrammeMishcon de Reya offers us an immense amount of support not only with our client work, but in relation to our students too. The partnership strengthens each year, with the Graduate Recruitment Team and solicitors offering our students direct mentoring and career development opportunities. By working for a year on this programme, students are able to build professional relationships, harness their professional skills and access the legal profession in a way that many students do not get the opportunity to do. In addition, Mishcon de Reya provides a mini-assessment day for students on the Pink Law Project, two of whom were selected for summer work placements at the firm.

Nabas International Lawyers

Nabas International Lawyers' commitment is equally comparable to their reputation of excellence. They provide comprehensive and thorough immigration training to our Student Legal Advisers and are unreservedly committed to the Centre and its aims. The firm provides summer work placements for a number of our Student Legal Advisers, with whom they have worked closely with on the immigration advice evenings.

"It's always a pleasure working closely with the students and staff of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre. Their dedication and enthusiasm for supporting the commitment to law and the rights of others is what draws Nabas International Lawyers to be a participant to such a significant programme. We feel students working closely with the potential professional peers learn of the unconditional ethic, responsibility and commitment they will wear entering the career of law." Vitoria Nabas, Nabas International Lawyers.

Reed Smith

As a founding partner of our initial Law in General ProgrammeReed Smith offer unconditional support both to the Centre and our students. The Reed Smith Award offers an assessment day for sixteen selected students, eight of whom are provided summer work placements. They also operate extensive training sessions for Student Legal Advisers and generously donate £10,000 each year in order for us to continue with our work.

“Queen Mary’s Legal Advice Centre is making a substantial difference, especially in the current financial climate. It is not only providing a valuable resource to the local community, but is also stretching students and practitioners to become great lawyers. Reed Smith is proud to be a founder partner and to be able to make its own contribution to Queen Mary’s richly diverse success.” Sarah Ramwell, Reed Smith - Pro Bono Manager.

Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons – our founding partner on the ‘Supporting Those who Serve’ programme – has been working closely with us this past year in order to develop advice sessions that focus on the provision of legal support and advice to those who are currently serving or have served in the armed forces, and their families. There are an estimated 3,000 charities set up to assist those who are currently serving or have served, but very few of them provide free legal advice. We believe we can use our resources to benefit those individuals and organisations that need our support.


qLegal provides free legal advice, workshops and resources to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs. It supports innovation by providing free access to legal and regulatory resources to new businesses, primarily in the technology sector. qLegal services are provided by postgraduate law students under the guidance of legal professionals from collaborating law firms and academic staff in the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. qLegal was established by Queen Mary University of London in September 2013.